Path Less Traveled

from by Past Hope



Fade away
I'm losing all of my will to stay here
Make me beg
On my hands and knees I waited
And like a scolded dog
Turned my head from the abuse i'd faced

And I'm losing all my will to live

And I can't seem to understand
Why you'd ever run away
I watched heaven burn
I've watched it fall away

The betrayal by your side
By your light
By your kind

You're trapped spiraled out of control
You see no way out I I pray that you'll let go
When the helpless fills you, consumed by the greed
A narrow minded fuck lying through your teeth, I've grown so sick
So fucking sick so sick and tired of all of this
Nothing left, no one to see the only one who loved you you left

And as I lay, my last dying breath awaiting you, I pray for death

Pray for death

And I've traveled down the road no one wants to walk
I've traveled the darkest days I've seen it all
Godless face, no fucking grace
No one can save me from the hell that I've seen


from Humanity's Toll, released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Past Hope Wilmington, Delaware

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